Seventeenth anniversary / Siedemnasta rocznica

As it is customary on this special day, we have a lovely meal, have some fun time together, and take a family photo in the same familiar location… except this time we could not take our photo in the same familiar location as our familiar location has been sold and shut. No more meals or photos in the Cartland Bridge hotel, just like that. It was actually quite surreal when we drove past it and saw a new big gate… shut!
Well, worse things happen. We still had a great anniversary with our boys, Granny and uncle James. Our meal in the Inn on the Loch was yummy, we had some crazy fun in the swing park (so childish!), and most of all, we found a new spot for our family shot! So cool! …and a bit “cringy” perhaps as our boys would say, but who cares. How do you like our new background? 🙂

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